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Out of Sight Productions

An Inclusive Theatre Company in London Ontario

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Out of Sight Brochure

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Mission Statement.

  • To be a venue in the London region for persons with a visual impairment.
  • To
    bring visually restricted theatre artists and non visually restricted theatre
    artists together, and provide the opportunity to: meet new people, learn
    from each other, and create and produce fun and exciting theatrical projects.
  • Inspired
    by Toronto Ontario’s Glenvale Players who have been producing theatre
    productions for over 60 years, Out Of Sight Productions hopes to introduce
    theatre craft to the visually restricted community members of London.
  • All
    tasks such as writing a play, making costumes, building sets, acting, directing,
    operating lights, and providing Moral Support can be performed by visually
    restricted and non visually restricted individuals.
  • All
    tasks are vital to ensuring a successful project because they require
    communication, cooperation, team building, and go a long way to
    contributing to a positive working environment.