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Welcome to Out of Sight Productions - an Inclusive Theatre Company in London, Ontario


Out of Sight Productions Nominated for Two Brickenden Awards!

The accolades just keep on coming for Out of Sight Productions. As a result of an amazingly successful 2013 we are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for two Brickenden Awards in recognition of "excellence in independent theatre in London".

The Out of Sight Productions' performance of "Belles", which played last October at Procunier Hall, has been nominated in the categories: Outstanding Comedy Production, and Outstanding Ensemble Performance of the Year.

Voting for the 2013 Brickenden Awards is online until noon on Sunday January 12th at:"

Out of Sight Productions is proud to announce that we have been nominated for 3 DISH Theatre Awards!

Plan to attend the awards ceremony on Tuesday January 14, 2014 - Doors open at 6:30 p.m., Awards at 8:00 p.m., at the Hilton London, 300 King Street.

For tickets or more information please visit:

Thank you for supporting Out of Sight Productions!

Audition Call - "Academia Nuts”

London's Out of Sight Productions is holding auditions for our upcoming production of "Academia Nuts" scheduled to run at this Summer's London Fringe. "Academia Nuts", a fun play in one act, is ideal for actors eager to participate in a challenging production involving mature language and themes.

We require 2 female and 3 male characters:

Synopsis for "Academia Nuts", a play in one act:

Roger, an attractive middle-aged Theology Professor, sits in his office mourning the two-year anniversary of his wife's passing. In the midst of his musing, an attractive young Engineering student (Sonia) pops in uninvited to request that he tutor her English skills. Roger agrees, and the language lessons soon turn into an affair. One day soon after, their cavorting is interrupted by a blind, retired Bishop. Sonia, wearing only lingerie, serves the Bishop tea, much to the chagrin of Roger. The scene is interrupted by the arrival of the current Bishop, who is not amused by what he sees.

The ensuing conflict is exacerbated by a comedic argument, an utterly humorless cleaning lady, and another unexpected visit by the retired Bishop, now very drunken. The play comes to a close on comedic resolution, with a surprise at the end.

Auditions are Scheduled for:

Thursday January 23 and Friday January 24, at the CNIB auditorium, 749 Base Line Road East, London.

Audition times are flexible. Let us know your preferences and we will try to accommodate. We have prepared a short monologue/dialogue.

For further information, or to reserve your place please contact:
Out of Sight Productions
Phone: 519-675-0379

Thank you,
Kelly MacDonald, Founder and Company Director.

"Out of Sight Productions' Steve Stockwell received a nomination as Lead Actor at the 2012 Brickenden Awards for his portrayal of Petr Pann in Out of Sight Productions' staging of the goth-absurd parody "Petr Pann". Congratulation Steve.

Accolades for Out of Sight Productions from The Beat Magazine

Out of Sight Productions was also nominated in 3 Categories by The Beat Magazine's DISH Awards for the Best in Theatre 2012:

Beatnik Award Comedy/Drama: "The Game" (from "Fall of Love: An Anthology", Out of Sight Productions)

Best Cameo Comedy/Drama Female: Julia Ferguson as Life in "The Game" (from "Fall of Love: An Anthology", Out of Sight Productions)

Best Cameo Comedy/Drama Male: Kelly MacDonald as Death in "The Game" (from "Fall of Love: An Anthology", Out of Sight Productions)


Watch Out of Sight Productions' "The Game" on YouTube:

The Talent of Steve Stockwell is Recognized by the 2012 Brickenden Awards

Out of Sight Productions' Steve Stockwell has been nominated as Lead Actor by the 2012 Brickenden Awards for his portrayal of Petr Pann in Out of Sight Productions' staging of the goth-absurd parody "Petr Pann".

Brickenden Awards Night is Monday January 28, 2013 at The Wolf Performance Hall, London.

For further information and tickets, visit:

An Anthology of Four Classic Love Stories

Fall Of Love Promo

Read some press

The Beat Magazine Review

Out of Sight Productions' mission is to bring the sight-challenged and sighted community together through the craft of theatre. We welcome participation from ALL members of the community to collaborate, develop, and produce exciting productions.

Watch an Out of Sight Productions Video

An Out of Sight Video

Out of Sight Productions is proud to announce that Paul Kinsella is the winner of a "Beat Magazine" DISH Award for Best in Theatre.

Paul won "Best Original Script" for his play "Now See Hear", which he wrote and directed as part of Out of Sight Productions' Fall 2011 presentation of "Three Plays: An Out of Sight Night".

Congratulations to Paul and to all 7 of our Out of Sight Productions DISH Award nominees.

And thank you to everyone for supporting Out of Sight Productions.

Listen to an interview on Radio Fanshawe publicising our Fall 2011 production "3 Plays: An Out of Sight Night", with the cast and crew from one of the plays "The Final Road Trip":"
Radio Fanshawe Interview, June 26th 2011

Dear Out of Sight Productions Supporter,

My name is Kelly MacDonald, founder and director of Out of Sight Productions, and I'd like to ask you for a few words of support.

Over the years, Out of Sight Productions, London's leading theatre company featuring sight-challenged performers, has been successful in fulfilling its mandate of providing vision-restricted theatre artists the opportunity to create and produce fun and exciting theatrical projects.

We know that as an Out of Sight Productions supporter, you can testify to the positive results our organization has attained within the vision-restricted community in London. Now we need your words of support. We need you to express your feelings to us about the positive influence of Out of Sight Productions. You can write us a full letter, or write fifty words, or ten words, or whatever you wish as long as we have your impressions of the work we are doing in the community.

We want you to help us tell potential funders, "This is a supporter, and this is what they think of our production company." You will be ensuring the survival of Out of Sight Productions and the work it does with the vision-restricted community in London.

Thank you very much for your words of support. Please see samples below.


Kelly MacDonald, Founder and Director
Out of Sight Productions:
Phone: 519-675-0379

Here are some sample words of support:

Out of Sight Productions not only helps blind people, it's good for everyone in London. --Harold S., London.

I'm impressed with the quality of your shows. --Chris M., London.

I didn't know there was so much talent out there. --Tim P., St. Thomas.

A lot of fun for $20. --Ray M., Chatham.

This year's show at the Fringe was entertaining and inspiring. --Debra G., London.

We need an Out of Sight Productions in Windsor, too. --Brenda & Bob K., Windsor.

I'm from Cleveland. We have nothing this good at home. Yet. --Shirley L., Cleveland, Ohio.

Way to go Kelly! You are making a positive difference in the lives of so many. --Ross M., Toronto.

Out of Sight Productions, clever name, fantastic productions. --Joseph S., London.

Out of Sight Productions where were you when I was younger? --Heather T., London.

Let's keep Out of Sight Productions' vision alive. --James B., Woodstock.

Out of Sight Productions makes London proud. --Susan S., London.

Directors, stage managers and production crew are also needed for future projects.

Dates will be posted on this website shortly.